Cake Decorating Starter Kit

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Here's a list of all the tools and supplies needed to kick off this cake

decorating adventure that you've decided to step into!

Welcome to the party!!! I'm so glad that you're ready to elevate your cake decorating experience. I know a lot of tutorials surrounding cake decorating can be either intimidating OR misleading but I promise to make this experience rewarding for every one of you! I am a strong believer in having access to whatever tools will make a job easier so here's a list of the tools you'll need to make your cake decorating journey less daunting. Keep in mind that this is a list of tools for mega beginners so you may already have these things but if you don't that's totally fine. The list will grow as your skills sharpen.

Cake Pans

I recommend starting with one size and growing your collection the more you bake. You always want get at least 2 of each pan size so that you can simplify the process and reduce your baking time. Here's a set of three that's perfect to start out with.

Electric Mixer

This tool is dependent on your baking preferences. If you're making cake and icing from scratch like I do, then you need a stand mixer or an electric hand mixer at the bare minimum. If you're sticking with boxed cake mix and pre-made icing from the store then you do NOT need an electric mixer.

Cake leveler

This is another tool that's optional. You can very well just use a serrated knife but I use a cake leveler for symmetry and fool proof leveling.


This is crucial in simplifying the icing process. Use a lazy susan if you already have one handy.

Icing Spatula

I think it's quite obvious why you'll need this

Piping Bag and Tips

This will make decorating all the more fun!

Once you've got everything you need, meet me over on IGTV for monthly tutorials that'll sharpen those skills of yours that way you can start pumping out uber impressive cakes that'll wow everyone in your life.

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