Here's How You Can Help Be a Part of the Movement

So you're at home, an emotional wreck because yet another black person has been unjustly murdered by the police. Protests are happening outside and you can't be a part of it for whatever reason. Maybe you're afraid because you have a family to come home to. Perhaps you don't quite agree with the direction the protests are going in. You live in another city, HELL another country! Of course there's the huge fact that Covid-19 is stopping you at your door like it is majority of us. Well, below are just a few ways that you CAN be a part of the movement.

  1. DONATE: The folks who do go out and protest risk their lives and freedom for justice. Some of those people don't have access to bail money and yet still they're willing to risk it all for change. There are bail funds throughout the country that exist to help our sisters and brothers on the front lines.

Here are some bail funds that you can donate to right now to help with the protests currently going on.

Donate what you can! Don't feel pressure to donate hundreds. One dollar is better than nothing at all.

It doesn't stop here. Whenever something like this happens then simply google "bail fund [insert respective city]" and choose an organization to donate to.

2. SHARE: If you truly don't have the money then surely you know someone who does! Share links to donation sites on your socials, in your group chats and wherever else you can.

3. SIGN PETITIONS: Unfortunately when a black person is murdered by a white person (especially a police officer) an arrest is sometimes not immediately made. It usually takes public outcry to see this important step be taken and online petitions are almost always part of the process. They usually take under a minute to sign and you can share them online with your loved ones. This may not feel effective but it is. is a very popular space for online petitions and you can simply search a keyword there to find a petition that you care about.

4. BE KIND: This one is so important. Right now we need each other so be kind to one another. We're not all going to agree on what kinds of protests should take place but we all agree that enough is enough! Be kind to yourself and others.


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