How I made this personalized Coat Rack

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I hinted on this Instagram post a few weeks ago that I was working on something special for Dylan for Christmas and here it is! I LOVE having at least one personalized item in a kid's room and one day while shopping for one of my projects at The Home Depot I saw these gorgeous wooden letters which instantly inspired your girl. I immediately envisioned a gorgeous sign for my guy so I got to planning and came up with this.

While in the process of planning this sign I had a light bulb moment and thought up the great idea of adding hooks to the bottom because your girl is addicted to functionality. This sign can be fully accomplished in 2-3 days depending on your scheduling and the number of letters in the name going on it. I think I've done enough blabbing so let's get started on this DIY Personalized Coat Rack.

For this project you'll need:

* Wooden Letters 

* Project board 

(Cut to size based on desired name)

* 1in x 2in Common board

* Wood Glue

* Wood stain (of your choice)

* Paint (of your choice)

* Paint applicators (sponges or brushes)

* Screw Hooks

* D-Rings

Step One:

Cut your wood to the appropriate sizes. I started by laying my letters down and measuring across. Dylan's name measured out to a little under 4 feet so I rounded up to 4 feet across and went with 12 inches high. These will be the dimensions for the back of the sign as well as the frame. I got a 2'x4' project board from HD and got it cut evenly in half so I was left with 2 boards at 1'x4' (save the extra for a future project!).

I also got my common board cut down at HD. I picked up 2 which got me 2 pieces at 10 in and 2 at

4 ft. Lay your pieces down on your surface to create a frame then move on to securing everything together.

I used wood glue for majority of this project but you're definitely free to incorporate a staple gun or even finishing nails if you like. I glued my frame together and left it alone while I moved on to the next step. Side note: I left it drying flat on the floor but forgot to snap a pic of it so all I have to offer is this fully dried wood frame. Please forgive me!

Step Two:

Paint/Stain: The letters got a total of 2 coats and technically was the first step because I was working

on other things in between coats. Paint your letters one at a time and wait at least an hour before you add additional coats.

I decided that I would use a wood stain for the backing because it added a nice contrast and adds an element of maturity so it can grow up with Dylan in his room over the years.

I used this gorgeous gray color and ended up only needing one coat. Once the frame dried I added a coat of stain to that and allowed it to dry fully before wrapping up assembly.

Step Three:

Once all of your pieces are painted/stained and dry it's time to assemble. Place your frame atop the back and make sure everything is nicely limed up, then use some glue to secure it. If you have clamps definitely use them. I don't have any so I improvised with heavy objects by laying the frame face down and placing the back on top so the weight of the water jugs could help the glue do its thing.

Once dry, flip your sign over and place your letters down as needed. I used some scrap wood as a straight edge to ensure that everything was lined up perfectly which you can see in this video clip. Once everything is lined up, glue down each letter and place some more heavy items to aid in the curing process.

Step Four:

Add your desired amount of hooks to the bottom, add D-Rings to the back for easy hanging and voila! You've got a custom coat rack that doubles as a statement piece. This could also be made with your family's last name and placed in an entry way. Be creative and make it your own by looking for different fonts and fooling around with the colors. I'll be making more of these so if you want to see a YouTube video let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to film the process! If you make this sign be sure to share pics with me on IG so I can see your skills and if you want one but have no interest in making it shoot me an email so you can custom order one from me!

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